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As a responsible company we believe it is vital to practice integrated management and communication geared towards the future sustainability of our society. Hence, our action is always characterised by the highest standards of business ethics, seeking a balance between our economic and environmental performance by providing products with more value and simultaneously cleaner. With a view to providing products and services with more value which entail a lower consumption of resources, we have highlighted the implementation of the following practices:

Environmentally oriented Purchases
The purchase of environmentally friendly products enable us to obtain more sustainable production standards and, consequently, cleaner production. We thus prefer materials/accessories which we can reuse and recycle, as is the case of the cardboard used for packing and the wooden pallets used for dispatch, and also products which are less aggressive to the environment such as the detergent we use to clean aluminium – Ecobioazul, a phosphate-free biodegradable product.

Design for sustainability
When developing our products we bear in mind their life cycle and the respective environmental impact at the various stages, from production to final disposal. Our main raw material, aluminium, is 100% recyclable.

Solid Waste Management Tools
Our production cycle includes the appropriate treatment of the waste generated at its various stages. All our solid waste is separated at the time of production into specific recipients and it is deposited with an accredited entity. It should also be stressed that our activity does not generate harmful liquid waste.

Efficient equipment
Whenever possible, we acquire efficient equipment which allows greater productivity, less waste and less energy consumption as is the case of energy-saving bulbs and certain items of production equipment.

Communication for Sustainability
Internally, we incentivise our employees to share and practice the same values as the company by rationalising the use of non-renewable resources, deploying used and/or recycled materials and sharing transport, inter alia. Externally, when we disseminate our values we seek to encourage suppliers and clients to be concerned with the environment and to implement their own environmental impact minimisation policies and practices.