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Aluminium brings together a set of characteristics which make it extremely versatile in terms of its applications. This allows the product to be given appropriate physical and mechanical properties such as high thermal conductibility and a low volumic mass, simultaneously conferring an attractive appearance. Our products are made from extruded aluminium profiles whose extrusion process is carried out from prime alloys of the series EN AW 6060 T6. This alloy combines magnesium and silica elements which increase mechanical resistance and the hardness of the profile, also ensuring good resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Surface Treatment
Treatment of the metal surface increases resistance to atmospheric corrosion and embellishes the decorative effect of the part. Hence, our profiles have two solutions in terms of finishings: anodization and lacquering. Anodization is a chemical process which makes the profile surface harder and more resistant to abrasion, oxidation and corrosion. Our profiles are anodized at a depth of over 15 mícrons, making them particularly suited for applications in environments of low or medium aggressiveness. The exterior of the anodic layer is characterised by its durability, colour stability and ease of maintenance. When the need arises to diversify the colour of the profiles, lacquering is the most appropriate surface treatment. Our profiles are lacquered by means of a thermoadherent painting process carried out with polyester powder coatings based on high performance polyester resins, combined with selected pigments with high resistance to bad weather. The powder coating has good chemical resistance and layers of 50 to 70 microns may be obtained; it does not generate pollutants.